Free Protein A ELISA Kit

Experience the straightforward process from a reliable source
Protein A ELISA Kit

R&D Systems has developed two new ELISA kits for reliable supply and accurate detection of Protein A residuals in the manufacturing of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies. These kits are:

  • Calibrated to natural or engineered Protein A 
  • Ready-to-use components including buffers
  • Single-step sample pre-treatment
  • Minimal assay incubations
  • Consistent supply and technical support 

Ensure your monoclonal antibody therapeutic is rid of Protein A constructs. Try your first R&D Systems Quantikine Protein A ELISA kit for free.
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*This is a one-time use offer, per lab, for the free shipment of one free kit.
Limited to customers in North America. Expires Wednesday, June 30, 2021.