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Preorder Omicron Spike Protein Variants

Omicron Proteins in Development



Spike Ectodomain



His - Available Now!

GCN4-IZ, His - Available Now!

His, Avi-tag - Available Now!

GCN4-IZ, His, Avi-tag - Available Now!

Spike RBD



His - Available Now!

Fc - Available Now!

His, Avi-tag

Spike S1 Subunit


His - Available Now!

GCN4-IZ, His

Spike S2 Subunit




R&D Systems is working quickly to develop several Omicron variant Spike proteins including the Spike RBD, full ectodomain, and S1 subunit proteins.

Please fill out the form and we will let you know as soon as the omicron variants are available.